Feb 11

Gardening Tips for the Winter – Preparing Your Garden for the Colder Months

You may think that there’s not a lot you can do inside the garden in the wintertime, as well as the largest part you’d be right, but there are a few things you can do before winter sets in to make sure that a garden is ready and prepared for the next spring.

Digging – it keeps you warm and it’s great for the garden. Just so long as your soil isn’t waterlogged or frozen you should prepare and dig your soil after and before winter. winter, just as long as your soil isn’t waterlogged or frozen you should dig and prepare your soil . Make it easier to remove any weeds and add in a compost mix if you need to should you dig your garden over with fork it can loosen the soil. This may all pay dividends the next spring and summer when your plants can benefit from the additional foods.

Pruning – is an additional important tip to get done before the winter rolls in. Remove dead shape, heads and prune shrubs ensuring that to cut back any protruding sections which could cause damage by rubbing together as well as any incredibly long branches. When the snow arrives it’s smart to brush it off (when possible) from trees and shrubs to avoid the load from breaking the branches.

The lawn – keep off it . . . that’s the best advice. Give your grass a rest and maintain off. Of course if there is any debris, leaves, moss and large weeds you need to go to the grass to eliminate them first, then keep off.

Your garden furniture – can now be checked over, cleaned, repaired if needed and put away for safe storage throughout the cold winter. Maybe a lick of paint will provide them a whole new lease of life. Maybe they just require a sponge down with some hot detergent and water.

Tidy up – all of your current gardening and tools equipment. Every one of the tools which you’ve been utilizing through the fall, summer and spring must be gathered up and cleaned ready to the following year. You can disinfect your seed trays and pots with a mild detergent too.

Check it out – check your sheds, any, fencing and gates other structures for any sign of weakness and rot. If there is trouble brewing you should try to repair your structures before the snow and the howling winds of winter start whipping around your yard.

Make plans – the winter is a superb time to plan any changes to your garden the following spring. There are some great ideas at http://www.thelashop.com to get you going along the right lines.

If you have got one that’s great, if you don’t have one then winter is a superb time to begin, Compost – you may have a compost heap or bin, you may not. If you’ve already got the makings of one give it an effective stir to help you the process of composting, all of the leaves and cuttings you’ve been gathering is likely to make a great begin to a compost bin, and.

Vegetable plots – some vegetables do continue to grow through the entire winter while they may need a little extra care and love. Root vegetables (carrots, parsnips etc) can be covered with straw to ensure a winter harvest but if there is snow on the way it might be a smart idea to cover all of them with a carpet square . . . any old carpet will do all right.

For more ideas about how to take care of your garden with the winter, the summer, the spring and the fall visit www.thelashop.com – they’ve got everything you need and more.

Dec 16

The Wonders of Gazebo

A gazebo could work best for you if you have a backyard that is really spacious. A gazebo actually takes time to set up and that gazebo is more expensive as compared with other artificial covering. But what could work with a gazebo is that it you conveniently stay in your backyard without having problems with the kind of shading. The gazebo cover that you will be using could also entail the level of comfort that you will have underneath the gazebo. After all, gazebos are perfect place to relax, to be entertained and to bond with family or friends. Just make sure that you have purchased the best kind of gazebo covers since it is costly to change the coverings from time to time. Gazebos are unlike with patio umbrellas which you have the liberty of moving them from one location to another. Gazebos are more of like intact in one place. Once you have fully established and set it up, you will definitely have a hard time trying to put it into another location. But to start it all out, you have to purchase the best gazebo covering or in a store that has the reputation of selling quality materials and product. You can check out the offerings that they have at HavenAndHill through havenandhill.com. The products that they are selling in this store could work best for your backyard. You will not have a problem whether or not the gazebo can withstand all types of season in your areas. There are some types of gazebos that could suddenly wear out since it could not be able to withstand the sudden shift in weather. This is the reason why one has to be very careful when choosing the gazebo that will be purchased. It is not advisable that you purchase one because of its design. You should know better to look at the materials used since this will dictate how long the gazebo will last. If you do not have any single idea about which site you can get the best ones, you can always check out the offering that they have at theonlyvanessa.com.