How prawns Fishing

Giant Freshwater Prawn Fishing Equipment
Here are the tools needed for fishing prawns:

1. Rod or rod with the tip of a flexible and sensitive as well as a small ring or rings.
2. Reel spining small size of the pool, can also use wooden rollers.
3. Thin monofilament line form, size 1-2lbs a leader in mainline 2-8 lbs.
4. Hook used is a special hook or circle hook shrimp without hooks (barbless) with numbers 9-12.
5. Lead sinkers small stopper. Tin not too heavy, which is important not drift.

Bait used for fishing prawns typically earthworms, worm milk, mangrove worms, shrimp and even children. As for fuel oil used chumming broken.

Spot Prawns Galah
Prawn fishing should not be on when the tide and weather with high rainfall. The best time lobster fishing is during the dry and the water receded. Usually shrimp are very aggressive at night. A favorite place for shrimp is usually between wood logs / glondongan submerged in the river. This is usually found in rivers in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Irian etc.. Besides shrimp poles are also often played on the riverbed. Some things to consider to determine the river bottom spot prawns are as follows:

1. Know the basic structure of the river where we fished. Selalunya the river twists and turns and heave-shaped square.
2. At the bend of the river normally flows rather slowly or stream water is not too heavy.
3. In swift currents over the region indicates, when the flow is too slow otherwise.

Fishing Fun: Spot prawn shrimp GalahPosisi playing at a fairly swift current

Eating Shrimp
Here is a typical lobster or eating habits:

1. When prawns weighing more than 300 grams of bait will then immediately rushed and dip the rod tip will direct.
2. For medium-size shrimp as bait usually eaten, the leader will be held and pulled using the claws so that the rod tip will terangguk like a small fish eat.
3. For small-sized shrimp diets usually about the same as a medium-sized, and therefore often – frequently checked by raising the rod tip and if it is severe or there tarikkan bait being eaten.

Prawn fishing should be patient, gentle and full of feeling. At the time of the feed eaten by shrimp, fishing rod will bend, we need to do lasting just do digentak because it will make your mouth shredded shrimp. Lift the rod slowly rolling slowly reel with the rod tip position above the shrimp so that line perpendicular to the surface of the water. Shrimp usually if exposed rods will bend his body backward and, if digentak or pulled too tight will make her mouth ripped the hook exposed.

At shrimp successfully raised upwards should never touch or squeeze the shrimp tails because there is a sharp sort of tentacle and shrimp heads are fairly jagged horns maknyos if nancep on the finger. While not overly dangerous claws are not exposed to the bites of origin only.
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