fishing Haruan fish

Haruan fish Channa striata or saintifiknya name belonging to the family Channidae is snakehead fish. Haruan fish feeding with small fish chasing and grabbing, just like fish toman. Fish has always been a game Haruan foot fishing interests fishing in tributaries kerana snatched and ferocity interesting way fishing. Haruan fish usually found in the creeks, fields bendang and reservoir-reservoir. These fish are easily lured kerana its aggressive and expensive than meat used to make ubat wounds, ubat women maternity, and other perubatan. Haruan likes to hide in the crevices of the bush, and a wooden slit. These fish aggressively easily pounce. He is also very sensitive to the movement of people.

Fishing Techniques
Fish is easily lured kerana Haruan aggressive nature. Baits used are also easily found in taverns or sought their own. Baits used were;


Bait worms are commonly used with basic fishing techniques namely traditional techniques for fishing or leg may also use a float. Worm bait to catch Haruan impressive but takes a rather long time. The use of frogs are great for fishing Haruan. In order to use the frog lure, how to hook the hook necessary to ensure correct and boxed a little chance to escape Haruan is lacking. How Haruan fishing using the frog is as follows;

Bait cast into a location for potential dikesan struck
Rope rolled up bit by bit while imposing tug of Haruan
If the pull was heavy, maybe bait already in the mouth Haruan
Sentap that hook Haruan terlekat on it.

The use of fish to hook kids is the easiest and most effective way. This technique is suitable for foot rod that likes to fish in the narrow creeks. Dicangkuk hook behind the fish and the fish was allowed to swim among the water surface causing a ripple on the surface. Haruan very sensitive to the ripple of the water and grab the fish will be very fierce. Make sure the rod is in a safe position and if not, you will soar deck rod sentapan the malignant Haruan

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