tilapia fishing in lake

after conducting research for 3 years, it turns out that tilapia fishing there are several steps that must be adjusted to the conditions and situation.
1. indigo tend to be active / gluttonous eating in the lake when no current flows. and I think in the current and the size of the stopper we made half the water or play on. the feed merumbai course.
2. d still water tilapia passive. then we were moving the bait fly by piecemeal. course at the base. we drag SCARA random hook. but not too fast. course, by using a worm-yan merumbai tassel also the fish interested in pursuing.
3. Nila babonan tend to play on the edge, up tight to the edge of the lake, as well as tilapia hole. because the contour of the land on the outskirts of it a little harder than in the middle.
4. for use mangcasting tilapia fish fillets fresh calamari that resembles a worm. kira2 5cm long. by using a series of 2 hook. can also with coconut shavings, but it is easy to use coconut shavings brittle. I have yet to find the formula that coconut is how clay is not easily broken if the same disamber tilapia.
5. didanau surely must exist ikanya and not in the net / captured by builders like in my place

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