South Kalimantan has many natural attractions are untouched by modernization. So the natural atmosphere is still very pronounced. Such conditions it is precisely the attraction for foreign tourists who want adventure in the wild authenticity.

Hospitality of its inhabitants are still firmly holding the indigenous forest, which stores a variety of natural resources such as flora and fauna, the swift flow of the river and the many challenges to be forded very attractive waterfalls to enjoy. Even in the waterfall enthusiasts can channel his hobby with fishing tubs that live in the waterfall. The water was very clear and swift water that falls from a height of sometimes making mania that has never been experienced, doubts the existence of the fish that live in it. But it will be eroded when the tried to lure in place. The fall beneath the waterfall is a small lake with a heavy water flow directly into the river below.

In small lakes, rocky there are some certain types of fish that make it a habitat. They fall back and forth under the waterfall by ignoring the thunderous sound effects. One of the existing waterfalls, Waterfalls cascade Hanai is located in the village Malaris, District Loksado, Hulu South River, in the foothills Meratus.

Air cool the area with cold water temperatures. When evening came, the cold air will envelop and make us be shivering. Native of the area it is the religion of the Dayak Kaharingan traditional houses and inhabit the so-called “hall”. But some families have left out many halls and build their own homes. Travel to the location is quite exciting for those who love nature and adventure. It is remote and far from the bustle and pollution free, only the roar of water falling from a height even make sense to be quiet and peaceful. Once in place, the equipment was finally prepared to start fishing activity.

In this fishing rod used telescopic fiber complete with real and hook number 7 and lead ballast rather large and without the use of a float. The use of the tin so that the hook is not washed down the river below as the swift flow of water in addition to throw away into the middle of the lake. Worm bait used was stabbed in the eye of the hook with the ends hanging down 2-3 cm so that waved attract fish to target. Sometimes with legs submerged in the outskirts of the lake, fishing several times thrown into the middle of the lake to find the target. If at the right time, at the end of the hook where the bait fish that attract attention, without further ado immediately grabbed the bait. That’s when the uprising was how mengasyikkannya serve fish that have been linked at the end of a fishing rod. Similarly, other waterfalls located in the District of Loksado, including Waterfall Village Libarubantai Haratai all of which are ideal fishing spot. During the trip to the location, we are required to have an extra physical readiness in order to down a path that is sometimes up and down, reaching the bushes or rocky river crossing. But everything will be relieved when we get to the waterfall that we are headed. Water that falls like rain patter blown around so soothing, especially if the fish had been obtained, it would not be in vain and weary journey was gone

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