make a fishing pole

This is a fishing pole or rod is often called. Fishing equipment is made by the artisans at Citapen, Village Kertasari, Ciamis, West Java. From the looks, fishing gear does not look like a small home-made industry. The quality is not inferior to the artificial manufacturers.

What fishing gear manufacturing center of the city can be reached Ciamis for a half hour trip, using a motor vehicle. Here is a fishing pole. Raw material mix glass fiber, resin, catalysts, and pigments for coloring. To create a sprig of fishing equipment needed about 100 glass fiber.

The process initially, materials such as glass fiber dipped in a mixture of resin, catalyst and pigment. After it was removed and hung up kering.Setelah fiber fishing equipment dry ingredients, then mashed with diraut way.
Every day in this place can be produced as many as three thousand a fishing pole. The women were also involved in the production process, especially for a job that requires precision and patience like this

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