Tips and Tricks Fishing Patin

Pegasius or usually called catfish or jambal is a type of fish that play on the base. For the following types of fish anglers are fishing tips and tricks this.

The series of fishing for catfish can use pelampug or not (glosor). The series of fishing rods can consist of 1 or 2 small hooks up sedng. This is because fish pegasius not have mouths that are too large. Use a small wire and loose AAU nikelin kenur scout / lider, swivel and lead sinkers small size.

The thing to remember, if you prefer to hook the buoy is the distance samapai should float along a river or pond so that it can touch the bottom of the bait.

First tie rod to nikelin / kenur 5-7 cm long waveguide, and the waveguide kenur nikelin or (if there are two, both of them) attached to a swivel.

Previous swivel is tied to the main strings, do not forget to enter the lead ballast in the main kenur. Make sure the lead weights used are the type that hole in the middle (tin melinjo) so that tin can move freely in the main strings.

Once the lead is inserted, tie a string to the main spool connected to the hook eye. After the series finished rod, use a rubber stopper on the main strings as lead guard that can not walk too far away from the reel. Distance of 5 cm is usually sufficient.

Once the bait is thrown installed, make sure the strings are in a straight line between the angler and bait. No need to pull the strings so tight, just leave a little slack so that the strings can be seen floating on the water to form a line. Is the fish strikes, the angler will see the line formed from the strings on the water is running.

Catfish will not take the bait in one jolt, so the strings moving moments quickly jerking your rod. Late jerk baits will result spit by fish and released.

fishing Catfish will feel fun when fished with small strings. For beginners recommended string size 8-12 lbs, for those who like technical fight “push-pull” is advisable to use the string size 2-6 lbs.

Do not forget the drag settings adjusted to the size of the strings. The first snap is not going to make a large catfish with a strong fight, you usually will feel heavier, but more to the side of the fish will begin to “run amok”.

Be careful, the sudden jolt of catfish on small strings can terminate a string. When the fish is near and ready to be appointed, prepare a drain to remove the fish. Remember not to hold the rope if you want to raise fish for captured . When using kenur small catfish who want captured usually will fight hard and most likely broken.

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