Tips and Tricks Fishing Milkfish

Tangerang – Wunwun Mauludi visibly upset. Milk that has been consuming the bait escaped because he was wrong to do the pull. And stay a little longer, the catch is brought to the surface. Pull the wild and strong banding can indeed make the angler confused. So strong, so take the bait, bass will jump to the surface.

Even if passed, Wunwun pleaded not too disappointed. “At least I have not felt the pull the banding. Because we are fishing is also not looking for fish but instead want to play a pull of the fish. “Also expressed the same opinion Konal Personal and Didi Mulyohadi. Come all the way from Jakarta, they deliberately want to get pleasure kenur drawn strong roll the banding. “Anyway, so delicious, so sebodo law passed,” joked Konal the Wunwun snickered.
Typically, catch exciting time, an angler had to shout to express excitement. As a result, the atmosphere is even more crowded. “Well, ya crazy, drilling continued to kayak fish Inul. Come sweet, not stubborn, “cried Konal a while. While both his hands were already doing hobby of fishing since 1969 was a busy and exciting kenur roll.

Bass fishing is not so popular. Compared carp, bass fishing recently few people acted. Wunwun bid to take fishing to the Teluk Naga, Tangerang, was made wonder in these daily fishing enthusiasts. They could not believe it. “Do banding can be fished? Instead difficult for small mouth? ”

According Konal, bass fishing for residents arguably the new Capital. Progress is slow because there was no promotion. If anything, more passing stories by word of mouth. “Throughout Surabaya to Gresik, fishing banding more popular,” said Konal.
Feeling bored with carp fishing, since a year ago Konal started this unique hobby. “Initially, I came up with Haji and Haji Suseno Parman. Long story really kept me engrossed to another friend’s apartment. “Result solicitation successfully seduce Wunwun, and his friends on a fishing session on Saturday (14/6) ago.
“Besides I like the same pull, incidentally loved family home dipindang milkfish. And banding here do not smell the mud, “said Anton H. Gunawan, who came with six companions. Among them are his brother who took his colleagues from the United States.
Milkfish in ponds Dragon Bay is not smelling mud. This occurs because the pond free of waste and human waste. Even though it looks murky, pond water is not itchy. Moreover, the area of ​​the pond that is used is a former sand quarry.

How to Fishing
Actually no different way of fishing milkfish fingerlings. If you notice there are two ways commonly used, namely a series wearing berpelampung or indirect weighted sequence (called glosor).
Berpelampung series is a series of the most commonly used by anglers. Therefore, the detection signal readability. Installation is quite easy to float special buoys when used safety pins and rubber special delimiter (stopper), which makes the circuit had to be practical on a rod.
For installation method, first loloskan kenur on track kenur in fishing gear. Enter sequentially rubber barrier, safety vest and a tin of pepper seeds before entering a pin (link swivel) at the end of kenur. At the bottom, set the hook that has strung together three. Wunwun and Didi says, because mouth bass are smaller and more sensitive than a goldfish, then you should use the hook number nine or ten.
The circuit is very suitable to be applied in water was calm and windy. Maximum pond depth of two meters. Size should be appropriate to the depth of the water with bait float distance not too long which can make fish escape while digentak rod.
Since Saturday (14/6) wind conditions around the dam blew, Didi and Konal invites Wunwun to create a series of fishing without a float. This method is popularly called glosor. To detect the bass on bait bite can be felt and seen in the vibration directly channeled through kenur.
Glosor series also provides other benefits, could bait thrown further into the middle. We did not have to squint to see a float as much but enough to concentrate kenur oversee the entry into the water. Or it could also feel the bait is ingested through the touch of a finger.
To be more practical, you can wear a black hook fastener kenur long as 20 cm. In rod pin ends tied before being put lead weights at least for seed corn. Kenur other end tied swivel hook attached to the assembled three.
“If you use glosor way, never completing or asleep. Slightly curved, rod can be carried on a bass bait eaten. Strong pull and large, “warned-warned Didi. What is called Didi cuap-cuap not alone. Evidently a fisherman named Anwar should bite the finger because of a stolen jorannya banding. When milkfish bait rod devoured instantly dragged into the water. This incident only lasted a few minutes.

Fishing fish of any kind depends on the bait. If one determines, will impact directly on the catch. For milkfish, Didi and Konal using bait pellets Super AA in red. They said bait is usually used for carp fishing. Before use, are soaked in warm water. The dots are plugged also not too big. Remember, small mouth bass and more sensitive.
Similarly, carp fishing, anglers also at certain times to spread the bait spreader. This is deliberately done so that the fish are immediately assembled. Feed bombs simply do like people throwing bombs. Do not ever doubt, and the outcome will be effective at all.
Although the techniques and knowledge already bagged, never forget the luck factor. “This is the most dominant factor. Let the next to attract and hold, then again it is definitely not so we often do not even miss, “message Konal. He himself never managed to make the unofficial record at Dragon Bay, 39 pounds. Understandably long mancingnya from morning until late afternoon.

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