Tips and Tricks Fishing Goldfish


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Use kenur Super Monofilament

To increase the sensitivity of carp bite, use super kenur. Kenur high tech has a small diameter for the same power on kenur monofilament. Braided Line or kenur this super low stretch properties (tensile / elongation is low), thereby increasing the sensitivity, ease stucked fish mouth means it does not require too hard jolt, a small diameter increase camouflage or in other words minimize shadows can be seen fishing kenur . However it is advisable to kenur super combined with rod and rollers are devoted to kenur super in order to obtain maximum performance, for example Spider Wire of Spectra 10 lb ~ 15 lb test with Spider Spider Cast Cast Rod and Reel SC 30 Mitchell products. So kenur super sensation can be optimally applied. But if you just want to feel the greatness of this super kenur, please use rods rather flexible, reduce pressure drag and play gently when jerking or playing a fish.

In addition to the above super kenur earlier, to improve the lightning or the sensitivity to fish bites. Use your index finger, while holding the rod touch the kenur coming out of the rollers with your finger. The fish bite will be felt fine even though your fingers.
Get used to it after throwing bait for not immediately tighten kenur. Close the bail arm roller would spring open at last. Hold the rod first or can also be put in the mat rod. Note kenur floating in the water, roll a bit to straighten kenur. Let kenur slowly sinking from distant places. Shortly after throwing before the beginning of time to pay attention kenur, because often carp in ponds Galatama grabbed the bait of the new fall break water. Look advanced kenur movement gradually or rapidly, movements like a snake or a train moving forward, it’s time to strike (menggentak rod).
Have you ever seen a pegalatama was mengketuk-tap the handle of the rod resting on the rod. Banging action rod is not without cause, not because anglers are stressed because not pulled the fish. The knock on the rod rod will send vibrations through kenur straight bait. If rod taken any action, then there is a subtle carp bait suck but soon spat upon realizing the feed has the burden of ballast or kenur. So if angler currently active banged the rod bait fish being sucked would be shocked by the vibrations it receives to make the fish ran away, trying to regurgitate the bait and fish movement makes his run with alone hook stuck in the fish’s mouth.
Do not ignore air bubbles or seepage swirling around the deck or the pool wall just in front of the stall. It can not be ascertained whether it is carp or goldfish are super-sized, but there’s no harm in trying. Baits should not bomb attached to a circuit, simply sprinkle the direction of seepage earlier. Use a small bait, if you can lower the bait slowly so as not to startle the fish. Reduced drag settings please. Tilt rod or reduce the resulting corner kenur and dakar pool so that the direction kenur be slanted or straight, be patient because the fish did not immediately take the bait. Small movements of the rod tip dipped into the water indicates the presence of fish. Do digentak used unless absolutely sure, because motion that was due to the tersenggol kenur being menggoser fish or fish or clean the pond bottom to the fins and body. Replace it when not eaten for a while bait. Patience will be successful when all of a sudden the rod tip dipped real rapids or a scream because kenur fish taken.

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