Tips and Tricks Fishing rabbitfish

Types of Fish rabbitfish

From the experience of fishing and wondering at the expert (expert fishing rabbitfish) and from references, Fish rabbitfish or in the international language known as Rabbit Fish there are several types:

1. Siganus guttatus or Orange Spotted Spinefoot, or in Indonesian Tompel rabbitfish.
2. Siganus Spinefoot Javus or streaked, or in Indonesian Wind rabbitfish.
3. Siganus Canaliculatus or White Spotted Spinefoot, or in Indonesian rabbitfish Milk / Lingkis.
4. Siganus Virgatus or Barehead Spinefoot, or in Indonesian rabbitfish Kea2 / Necklace.
5. Siganus stellatus or Brown Spotted Spinefoot, or in Indonesian Pepper rabbitfish.
6. Siganus Vermiculatus or Vermiculated Spinefoot, or in Indonesian Batik rabbitfish.

Based on the experience of fishing rabbitfish and asking here and there, fishing baronang a fishing technique that requires its own skills, the ability to read the current buoy vibration bait fish eat algae pancingannya greatly affect the results. Sometimes it’s very loud vibration buoy that can be directly digentak wrote jorannya, sometimes very subtle hingg we do not know if the bait has been eaten by the fish.

In general for rabbitfish fishing tools need to be prepared as follows:

Joran / Rod / Tegek
Joran chosen by mania fishing rod rabbitfish is tegeg, a long rod with no line guide, rod tegeg election is intended to better feel the sensation of fishing rabbitfish, fight with the fish in the string length limitation increased the adrenaline rush they said were already keen fishing rabbitfish.
Joran / tegeg matching character is a fast action. Kekuatanya medium-hard (medium carbon, hi carbon, super carbon) the ideal length between 4 – 5.4 meters. Besides tegek rod could also use a regular fishing rod or handline too, usually for fishing to a depth of 7 meters above the water, as in the chart, the dock, on the boat. Rod with good quality results may be better

String / kenur
Kenur size used to adjust the targets to be captured, if somewhere potentially much large rabbitfish use larger line sizes, for use in Jogja 0.40 mm line was still willing and able, uses of long strings on the rod depending on the location of the water depth fishing, get 1/2 rod, 2/3 rod, 3/4 rod

Alley fishing rod and ankle
In general, anglers fishing robber baronang use homemade because they can choose the type, brand, size, material strength of the hook, the hook can use regular or carbon or already be bought at the bait shop.

The buoy is used to determine whether the bait is being eaten by fish or not, if the shaking is usually being eaten, sometimes it does not vibrate just spinning, the ability to differentiate vibration tersediri pelampun requires skill, need to practice. But if you are not sure whether the bait is being eaten by fish or not, there is no direct harm digentak aja .. speculation .. said the fishermen baronang GGB term: Pay Gentak Gak, so!!

Used for fishing bait rabbitfish in Jogja is moss green, or green seaweed, some are using offal / liver fish is cut into small pieces. Feed moss green is usually used when using robber hook, bait fish liver when using ankle fishing (one hook). In other areas the bait that is often used, among others, red algae, green algae also, peeled shrimp, squid slices, mashed rice and even pastries made from flour bakwan crate, etc..

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