Species Goldfish

Mas fish (carp, Common Carp) are known in Indonesia has the Latin name Cyprinus Carpio of the Cyprinid family. Common Carp Goldfish is the original strain that dominates the existence of this fish in the waters. Goldfish can live alone or in groups in the muddy freshwater. Goldfish physique in general is somewhat long rounded body fat on the abdomen and flat in the tail. Comparison of total length to his height range up to 3.5:1 2,3:1. Varian Common Carp can grow faster, especially in the outdoor cultivation of fast-moving medium. Dominant color in his golden brown, other color variants in the goldfish are yellow, red, black, white and shades combinations of these colors. Her mouth may be dilated with soft lip structure and has two pairs of barbels. The head without scales, while the rest of the body covered with scales rather large. Cyprinus Carpio other variants are: Wild Carp, who has a slender body shape elongated body with a slower growth and suitable to be cultivated in the cultivation of fast-flowing pool. Mirror Carp, characterized by rows of scales that exist only in the back, the center of the fish along the dorsal body and stomach. Leather Carp, almost the entire body is not flaky. Kumpay (slayer), which all fins are longer in the body than the other variants. wild carp Leather Carp Goldfish farming as fish consumption has been carried out by the Chinese since 400 years BC. The fish came from mainland Asia is spread evenly in mainland Asia, Europe, parts of North America and Australia. Human intervention in breeding has produced many Goldfish races. Goldfish are known as Koi Goldfish is also a variety of simple ornaments. And those who are adept pemijah able to maintain sires from generation to generation so that the shapes and colors of Koi derivatives not return as Goldfish (Common Carp) Goldfish cultivation in Java, Sumatra and other areas in Indonesia carried out in ponds, pond modern aquaculture, cage floating on lakes or reservoirs and water floating on the river rapids. To accelerate the growth of carp in pond aquaculture modern is to use rain water system. Based on the literature, Common Carp or Goldfish can weigh 40 kg with a body length of 3 meters. These fish grow to maturity and spawn in the third year and can live up to 50 years. But in Indonesia Goldfish weighing above 10 kg is hard to find. In Indonesia, Goldfish has its own unique name based on shape, color and region spreading like Karper, Lauk Mas, Mas Majalaya, Punten, Mistress, Glass, Kancra Domas, Kumpay, Local, and so forth. Now the carp fish species to be one of the most popular freshwater fishing targeted at specific places fishing or commonly called fishing pond.

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