Swim With Style Frog

Swimming is one sport that is quite fun because everyone would love to soak in water and this sport has a lot of styles that you can do in the water while swimming, here are some ways to do swim frog style

1. gliding exercises. Gliding is a technique that must be mastered early swimmers, gliding exercises are very important to dispel fear in water, adjust the temperature, and eliminates the risk of injury.
– Standing alongside a pond, one foot against the wall with
– Body bent forward parallel to the water surface and straighten your arms flank ear. – Rejection foot against the wall hard, the body will slide forward
– Both legs and both arms straight forward
– The body is straight and maintain balance, body position on the surface of the water (stream line)

Exercise Movement feet: Implementation:
– Facedown posture
– Both hands holding on to the wall
– Head is in the water and the legs straightened
– The second leg is pulled to the side and both legs straightened
– Then straighten your legs while making the crack is closed during
– Fixed ankle relax
– Do repeatedly with speed and full strength so it will feel a boost in the next slide

Exercise Hand Movement:
– Both legs are attached to the walls of the pool
– Both hands straightened out and head out of the water surface
– Pull both hands simultaneously down to his chest with both hands paddling the water
– Perform repeatedly
– Can be done with the help of the launcher board

Practice taking a breather:
The principle is the same with hand exercises, on both hands pulled to the side, lift the chin to the top surface of the water while breathing air.

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