Sep 15

Tips and Tricks Fishing Red snapper

Snapper Fishing

Fish Snapper (English: Red snaper Latin: Lutjanu / family Lutjanidae)

Snapper of many kinds, but we know it is commonly used Red Snapper Fish (Red snaper) as red, flat round shape body with fins elongated backs, under the belly and with his goods (anal) there anal fin.

Houses Gammon

Snapper has strong teeth to tear their prey, so do not be surprised if the fishing line is often broken when struck by this snapper. These fish live in groups and are always hiding in the rocks, or FADs Tandes and always positioned in the flow stream right upfront while eating. If there is a food fish float direct ambushed by way of suction with the mouth wide, While waiting for the big fish food usually be on the leading position while the smaller stands behind it.

Do not Remove!!
They are lined up like soldiers, so if we are fishing for snapper is sought not get released because if the front commander to escape from the hook and became panicked and fled, snapper others also chimed fled to save themselves.

Capital dong ..
Interested to snapper fishing? Surely must have the capital, if only capital knee, mending sleeping ato aja aja sea swim. The capital must be prepared as follows:

Preparation Fishing
Equipment can without rod (handline) or with rod.
Kail, preferably made of carbon with sizes 3/0-7/0.
Kenur (light tackle) type of monofilament grade 2-10 kg (4-30 lbs) or select kenus “IGFA Class” (international game fishing Association) who know the world record entry.
Spinning, Spinning Light (reel) 2-12 ball bearings.
Joran, length of 180-230 cm, select graphite (can be 2 or 1 stick), with curved from the middle to the end (for class 2-4 kg) or simply curved at the end for the grade 6-10 kg.

The type of feed
can use live bait or dead (but still fresh), commonly used baits are squid, shrimp, Kurisi, Bloating, Tembang, Selar etc..