Oct 15

Swim With Style Frog

Swimming is one sport that is quite fun because everyone would love to soak in water and this sport has a lot of styles that you can do in the water while swimming, here are some ways to do swim frog style

1. gliding exercises. Gliding is a technique that must be mastered early swimmers, gliding exercises are very important to dispel fear in water, adjust the temperature, and eliminates the risk of injury.
– Standing alongside a pond, one foot against the wall with
– Body bent forward parallel to the water surface and straighten your arms flank ear. – Rejection foot against the wall hard, the body will slide forward
– Both legs and both arms straight forward
– The body is straight and maintain balance, body position on the surface of the water (stream line)

Exercise Movement feet: Implementation:
– Facedown posture
– Both hands holding on to the wall
– Head is in the water and the legs straightened
– The second leg is pulled to the side and both legs straightened
– Then straighten your legs while making the crack is closed during
– Fixed ankle relax
– Do repeatedly with speed and full strength so it will feel a boost in the next slide

Exercise Hand Movement:
– Both legs are attached to the walls of the pool
– Both hands straightened out and head out of the water surface
– Pull both hands simultaneously down to his chest with both hands paddling the water
– Perform repeatedly
– Can be done with the help of the launcher board

Practice taking a breather:
The principle is the same with hand exercises, on both hands pulled to the side, lift the chin to the top surface of the water while breathing air.

Sep 29

Benefits of Fishing Hobbies

Many reasons why the fishing mania should be willing to sit for hours – hours in place waiting Fishing bait fish struck. Although the resulting catches may not khan more than the costs incurred. Many fishing mania are even willing to spend hundreds – hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars just to buy fishing equipment which when compared with the results of the fish must be far away price. Whose name fishing mania is a extreme way to cultivate hobbies like fishing and want to provide time to hunt fish by fishing. What is the reason they are fishing mania?

1. Fishing is a fun hobby. With fishing, people can experience exciting fishing experience where time is the most memorable moment for the fishing mania. When the fish started grabbing and with our skills we can finally pull then there is satisfaction for anglers. Also an event for family travel & leisure (School of Tourism).

2. Fishing will get the health benefits. Fishing is also a means of sport, fishing mania for sport fishing as you will provide enough physical activity successfully, throw rod, reel exciting, interesting fish, and other physical activities so that you get health.

3. Fishing is the cure stress, the fishing mania must have known that fishing activities can eliminate fatigue in the mind, reduce feelings of boredom than a full week you indulge in the office, and even fishing can foster excitement and to destroy the stress that you may suffer. Come on .. now we fished .. 🙂

4. Fishing practice patience. Fishing mania is usually the person who patiently .. you know how come? In contrast to the patient in terms of temperament, fishing patiently effects in an effort to achieve something. The little things while fishing, it would have required substantial time, air time – time you have to wait for your bait fish eaten, many – times have you tried to catch fish that eat your bait. Fishing can be applied to children as a Kid games yag exercise patience and concentration of children. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, but you do not give up and stay focused … yes .. for fishing still have to concentrate to see floats being towed by a fish … then what do you get? Patience and concentration